As part of the restructuring of dated curriculum and to better address needed transformations in their framework, law schools across the country are beginning to increase the number and type of clinics and externships offered to 2nd and 3rd year students. Consequently, clinics and externships are taking on a more important role in preparing students for a career after graduation.  By applying our extensive knowledge and years of experience working directly with State Attorneys General, and through a philanthropic endeavor, Robert R. Hopper & Associates created one of the first State Attorney General Clinic and Externship Programs in the nation. RRH&A’s vision for this externship is in step with the recently recognized need for a creative approach to educate law students in their 2nd and 3rd years.  In a timely and relevant manner, the State Attorneys General Clinic and Externship Program is at the forefront of filling the needs of the school-to-work and employment arena. RRH&A shaped and implemented a partnership between the University of Tennessee Law School and State Attorneys General offices in order to provide students with a hands-on, practical learning experience.  The clinic was designed to provide second year law students with advanced training in areas of the law that are traditionally not offered in the classroom setting. The State Attorneys General Clinic and Externship at the University of Tennessee is RRHA’s inaugural initiative into this new school-to-work education arena.  The first course was initiated Spring Semester of 2013 at the University of Tennessee College of Law.

The State Attorneys General Clinic and Externship is managed and financed through Graduate & Professional Clinical Programs, Inc., a non-profit corporation founded by Randy Hopper.

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