Our Philosophy and Approach to Our Practice

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Strategic thinking and communication lie at the core of Robert R. Hopper & Associates, in both philosophy and practice. RRH&A takes a proactive approach for our clients. We utilize our extensive “Rolodex” as a valuable tool, along with strategic thinking, to create an optimal “game plan” to achieve the most favorable results. Having an end game and implementing a thoughtful strategy is critical to achieving success for our clients. We believe this is essential as our 35 years of professional experience has shown us that whether we are advocating for our clients in the court room, in arbitration or mediation; or in the court of public opinion with the media, or in the political or public policy arenas—persuasive advocacy is always more effective when it is supported with strategic thinking and communication. RRH&A works with our clients to develop a specific and customized strategy that will offer them a strong position to reach a successful outcome.

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