Crisis Management

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Robert R. Hopper & Associates brings 40 plus-years of professional experience in strategic communication and crisis management across a wide-range of clients. Together with our clients, we collaborate in assessing current perceptions of our client’s situation to develop a strategic path forward. With this philosophy and practice in mind, RRH&A customizes a crisis management plan to fit our client’s most important needs and to address the legal, political and media issues they may be facing.   When needed, RRH&A associates with Lanny J. Davis of Davis Goldberg & Galper PLLC and Trident DMG.  Mr. Davis has served two presidents, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, and is a renowned crisis management advisor.

The impact of a corporate crisis, whether legal, political or media related – or perhaps, all three, – may have a lasting effect on a corporation’s reputation, brand, market share and share value. Our goal is “to contain adverse implications, before, during and after the incident becomes public.” RRH&A provides strategic advice and counsel to its clients with the benefit of having the attorney-client privilege attach. Please contact us if we may be helpful in any way!


Lanny Davis & Randy Hopper

Lanny Davis with Randy Hopper


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