“Man’s capacity for justice makes democracy possible,
but man’s inclination to injustice makes democracy
necessary.”  ~Reinhold Neibur


A broad based, national law firm with over 3 decades of legal experience and over 40 years of professional experience.


We listen carefully to gain a complete understanding of our clients’ legal issues or business concerns, in order to develop a strategy tailored to their specific needs.


We integrate our various, complementary areas of practice with strategic communication, in order to best manage a decisive plan and favorable outcome for our clients, in or out of the courtroom.

Robert R. Hopper

Robert R. Hopper (“Randy”) is the founder and managing partner of Robert R. Hopper & Associates, L.L.C. Mr. Hopper has enjoyed a diverse and rewarding practice as a trial lawyer, litigating in both federal and state courts; as a lobbyist, where he has lobbied at a state level and with the federal government—Congress and with the Executive Branch, including various agencies of the federal government; as a counselor and as an advisor to business and corporations; and, as an advisor and as a spokesperson to the media in media relations. In these varied roles, Randy’s 40 years of professional experience, with over three decades in private practice as a lawyer, have served his clients well.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Unique Approach

We integrate four areas of practice: Complex Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation & Negotiations (law); Corporate Public Affairs & Government Relations (politics); Corporate & Business Counseling and Advising; and, Strategic Communications and Media Relations (media). (LEARN MORE)

Strategic Communications & Media Relations

As experienced practitioners in the areas of law, politics and the media, we emphasize the importance of integration between them.  (LEARN MORE)

Complex Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation & Negotiations

We have extensive experience representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants in civil litigation, in both Federal and State courts across the country. (LEARN MORE)

Business Counseling, Advising and Commercial Transactions

We provide advice and counseling to businesses, to universities, academic organizations, and to not-for-profit organizations, which includes a strategy that takes into consideration the “four pillars” of any business:  reputation; brand; market share; and, share value.  (LEARN MORE)

Corporate Public Affairs & Government Relations

We provide governmental relations counsel to corporate clients when they are facing enforcement on regulatory matters or when they may need to advance their policy and political interests. (LEARN MORE)

Crisis Management

We have extensive experience in strategic communication and crisis management across a wide-range of clients.  (LEARN MORE)

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