Randy Hopper holding a Press Conference with the media in 2010 regarding a $3,000,000 settlement in the high profile Metro Gang Strike Force case.

Eight years ago, Randy Hopper, then a Founding and Senior Partner at Zimmerman Reed, PLLP, successfully negotiated, in one of his last cases in federal court before leaving that law firm, a $3,000,000 settlementĀ  on behalf of a court certified class of victims damaged by the rogue Metro Gang Strike Force. Once he left his former law firm, Mr Hopper no longer had any responsibility for the case.

Included within that settlement was a requirement to implement a state-wide, Community Policing Re-training Program with police departments across Minnesota. The aim of this course was to retrain police in better understanding and dealing with diverse cultures and minority populations. Recently, the Startribune newspaper reported that to date, no Police Re-training program has ever been implemented. Mr Hopper is quoted in this front page, headline news article expressing his disappointment that this important component of his settlement had never been implemented, when he said, ” I am shocked and surprised that after seven years, no training has been put in place during a time when we especially needed it, given the significant number of incidents of questionable use of force by by police officers”.

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