Metro Gang Strike Force Settlement, 6 years later.

Attorney Randy Hopper negotiated and reached the $3 million settlement in the class action law suit filed on behalf of victims of the Metro Gang Strike Force. Hopper was a senior partner at Zimmerman Reed law firm in Minneapolis, but after he left the firm five years ago, the strike force case was left in the hands of the law firm and Hopper was no longer associated with it.

Hopper was told on Friday in an interview that more than three years after the board was appointed to create the educational courses for law enforcement officers in Minnesota, the courses were still in the planning stages and would not be ready until September at the earliest. He said was “surprised and disappointed that the educational component has never been implemented.”

Said Hopper: “It was a critical and important part of the settlement.” He said the objective of these classes was “to retrain police in matters of diversity in dealing with diverse and ethnic populations” and were designed “to prevent these kind of rogue police forces from ever happening again.”

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